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If you're using the platform as part of a team that regularly collaborates on marketing projects, then it's important to have clear visibility of who last made a change to something in the account. This way you'll know who to follow up with when you're looking to pick up where someone else left off.

Every user in a team has a profile with an icon, and it's used throughout the platform to indicate who last modified an item.

This article provides guidance on editing profiles, as well as explaining the various icons you may see in the 'Last modified by' column.  

Editing your profile

In the upper right corner, click on the profile icon and then click on Edit details in the 'Profile' panel.


The 'Edit profile' panel that slides in allows you to update your name and mobile number, and add details such as your job title and location.

To make it easier to identify for your team to you, you can upload an image to use as your profile picture by clicking Choose file. Otherwise initials are used.

You can also change your password by clicking on Change.


Remember to click Save to commit any changes you've made.

About Last modified by 

You'll find the 'Last modified by' column in listings throughout the platform for items such as email campaigns, SMS campaigns, programs, email and SMS address books, segments, marketing preferences, landing pages, and so on.


Clicking on the profile icon will allow you to see the profile of the team member.

If you're an account owner or admin user, clicking on a profile icon will display an additional Manage permissions option in the 'Profile' panel. Clicking on it will take you directly to the team member's permissions page for you to view and edit. 

There are five different types of icon you may see under 'Last modified by':

User profile
This indicates a user from your team, and will either display their initials or their profile picture if they've added one.


Deleted user
This indicates a user from your team that has since been deleted.


API user
This indicates an API user from your team (thus they've edited a campaign via the API, for instance).

This indicates another that account account owner has impersonated you, or a member of our staff has needed to do so to change something.


Unknown user
This indicates that we couldn't establish who last made the modification because it was from before the time we started recording it.


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